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The Internet is evil. It corrupted me.”
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@ShockAbe - @Aalasteir (Q) - Index

Q: What does being part of the community mean it to you? How did you discover it? What do you think it represents?

A: Being part of this community means kinda a lot to me, as I feel that Newgrounds is one of the very few social medias to actually embrace its own community.

I already knew what this site was long ago, but Friday Night Funkin' was what made me decide to go ahead and create an account. I would later become attached to the BBS thanks to the game, Tankmas ADVENTure 2021 promoting the Coffee thread which is where you can find my very first posts there.

To me, this community (as well as Newgrounds in general) represents true passion and love for creating media. I just don't think I've seen any other community like this.

Q: How did you discover Lisa the Painful?

A: Videogamedunkey's video about it was my first exposure to the game and I also saw Nitro Rad's videos talking about the game and some of its fangames which got me hooked into LISA: The Painful.

Q: And who is Shocklord? And how did you choose him as your profile picture?

A: Shocklord, real name, Otto Shipman, is one of the many party members in the game. The way you recruit Shocklord is that you have to win the Tag Team Championship with him under the stable, "Arm-Shock" (a combination of the protagonist, Brad Armstrong and Shocklord's name). I always thought that it was rather unique that Shocklord gets to fight with you before he even gets to join your party. It made me feel attached to him a lot more than the other party members (besides Terry Hintz).

Q: How do you feel about creating art?

A: It makes me feel excited whenever I take a look at my art, especially the pieces that I've worked hard on. I do feel like my art has somewhat decreased in quality especially if you were to compare my older pieces, particularly, the ones I made for a school assignment, to my current artworks. Though that's probably just me going hard on myself. Since summer break has finally arrived, I definitely will be drawing a lot more as well as improving my art skills.

Q: Why did you make your Clock Alt @BradClock

A: I just simply thought it would have been fun to create a Clock Crew account. I initially was going to have my name be "RandoClock", based on Rando from LISA, and the idea was that I would make it seem like the Clock account and ShockAbe were not related to each other. Eventually I feel that I would reach a point where I would reveal that RandoClock was actually ShockAbe all along! It would have probably been an animation where RandoClock gets unmasked during a fight revealing the shocking superstar underneath, a bit like the fight against Rando in LISA. That was going to be the name, until I found out that @randoclock had already beaten me to that name.

I then decided to go with "BradClock", since it goes with the "Arm-Shock" theme, and because funnily enough it sounded similar to the Jamaican slang "bloodclaat" or "bomboclaat". I haven't really done anything with the account just yet, but I will make something on there, though it's probably just gonna be some low effort shitposts lol.

Q: What is the BBS about?

A: Oh come on, don't you already know that it's about dunking on @Wegra?

Okay, now my real answer for this question is that it's about just having fun and making friends. It's good that Newgrounds has a section decidacted to communicating with other users. I also perfer going on a forum since it doesn't make me feel overwhelmed unlike Twitter or Discord.


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