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The Internet is evil. It corrupted me.”
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DancarMar - QA

Posted by Aalasteir - 1 month ago

@DancarMar - @Aalasteir (Q) - Index

Q: How do you feel about the Internet and why did you join NEWGROUNDS!

The Internet has 2 faces, each one completely different, on the one hand, it is a wonderful place, where many people share what they do, there is a lot of content that you can see for free, you meet a lot of new people & there are many people who become very famous celebrities thanks to the Internet , but we have the other side, the dark side, where the worst of the internet is found, if I were you, I wouldn't even get into that side.

I joined NewGrounds because it is a site where I can share things & my tastes with people from other communities who are not people close to me, it is a wonderful & unique site!

Q: How are the different social media websites different compared to NG?

NewGrounds feels like a totally different site to the other most famous social media sites, here there are activities, collaborations & events that I can join.

Q: How did you get interested in creating art?

It's a rather strange story, it all started when as a child, at the age of about 10, I became interested in Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon cartoons, so as a child I also became interested in creating stories, this is when it comes one of my first characters for a story called "DancarMan" (that's where my nickname comes from), but then I grew up a little more until I was 12 years old & I still didn't know how to draw at all well, and then at 14 years old, I started drawing another maybe because in a class I was bored & I wanted to do something, & at that time, the video game Among Us was being famous, so I drew a muscular crewmate, then a good friend of mine told me that it was pretty, then I practiced & practiced until I got there today (Fun Fact: I draw digitally but with my finger & on my cell phone, without a graphics tablet or digital pen).

Q: How did you get interested in creating music?

I became interested in creating music when I saw many videos on YouTube of people composing their own music. Furthermore, I had the need to create my own music with my tastes because today's music seems a little lazy to me except for some musicians.

Q: What is the Internet about?

The internet for me will always be a place to see & share what you like without harming anyone & respecting the tastes of others for something or someone.

Q: Your advice for life

One piece of advice that you have probably already heard is to never give up on achieving a goal, but I am going to say that if you don't reach the goal or goals that you have in your mind, it doesn't work & everything goes wrong, don't worry, look at that in a moment. better side, you have to learn from your mistakes & improve in many things, who knows, someone may even come to give you a job opportunity or someone who is interested in you to do some collaboration, the sea is full of fish, each one different, anyone can be yours when it comes to fishing.




Glad to see DancarMar here! He's the best!!


Sounds like you've ventured over to the dark side too @DancarMar; fortunately found your way back to the lighter side; the creative fighter vibe of NG. :)

Solid life advice and all! Good interview.

@Cyberdevil Exactly, I have already regretted being on those shady sites several times because I was "curious", but then I found NewGrounds & now I feel better about myself!

@DancarMar That's awesome. :)

I think we all go through that phase at least somewhat, seems almost a built in human trait to find a fascination with things that are morbid or... just extreme in any way. Maybe it's a survival instinct that initially let us get by in the wild, where things really could get pretty twisted, though the potential level of how twisted something can be surely has risen with time...

Good to hear you found your way here anyhow!