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Chdonga - QA

Posted by Aalasteir - 1 month ago

@Chdonga - @Aalasteir (Q) - Index

Q: How did you discover NewGrounds and why did you join?

There was a website called Flashportal dot com that reuploaded NG flashes. I accidentally clicked a preloader to one of the NG reuploads and it sent me here. I stayed for the sprite flashes.

Q: How did you get interested in creating art?

My dad drew me a picture of Courage the Cowardly Dog and from that point onward I decided to make art my entire personality.

Q: How did you get interested in developing games?

I played a ton of games with level editors growing up. I think Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 was my very first level editor game. For a long time I was only interested in the design aspect but I moved onto coding because of all the goddamn RPG Maker scripts & plugins that would shit blood if you dare use plugins made by two different programmers.

Q: You are very skilled and you also have a high IQ why do you feel you are like this?

My family is full of doctors and lawyers and teachers and artists. None of my art is currently on display at a local museum so sadly I’m considered one of the less successful ones.

Q: Previously say you could only be paid in Foamy the Squirrel porn? Is it no longer like that because you no longer like Foamy :( Or porn?

Nope, it was actually Lulu & Payne from Final Fantasy X. What can I say except I love my goth bitches! Anyways, I quit my job to focus more on art but porn trades aren’t gonna pay the bills, so if you’d like to support me I have a Ko-Fi and I’m considering setting up a Patreon sticker/trading card club if I can get my name out further than just my pals on Newgrounds.

Speaking of Foamy, yeah I love da squirrel. So it should go without saying that seeing those five-second content farm ass clips that illwillpress was cranking out really fucking sucked. Though thanks for reminding me about Foamy. I’ve got a Foamy fanimation sitting on the backburner that I oughta finish.

Q: What classifies as a 5 from your opinion?

Putting your best effort into what you do. And I think exploring a new medium is something that deserves recognition too.

Q: What are your experiences and how do you feel about the BBS?

I’m glad Gen & Politics are gone. If you’re not here to create art, or in the very least discuss other peoples' art, then you should fuck off to Reddit or 4chan instead. And don't gimme that "Oh but shitposting is an art" or "Oh politics is an art" if you really believe crap like that then you're welcome to get AIDS and die in a series of fires.

Q: How many times have you gotten a BBS ban? And why?

Most of them have been mandatory spam bans and backseat modding. But a few that I’ll never forget are:

  • Commenting “posting in a soon to be locked topic” in a thread created by former moderator Poxpower. (For those curious, the thread was asking what you’d do if you woke up one day as a shemale)
  • Summer 2010 G*neral Forum was crawling with religion vs atheism threads and one weekend it was so bad that I just frustratingly commented in a thread “It doesn’t matter whether God exists or not because you’ll still be a [Russian word for bassoon]”
  • That time the Duck Division hacked a mod and banned everyone on the forum for 30 days

Q: Why do you think NG is obsessed with pen0r!?

Because cock jokes are funny bro next question

Q: What the fuck is going on!?

Bro idk

Q: Who is the most obnoxious Newgrounder?


Q: Do you think weed and 69 is funny?

Weed is hilarious but the guy who translated Pokemon ReBurst decided to skip chapters 11-68 for the sake of haha 69 XD and 10+yrs later nobody’s bothered to improve the translation so the number 69 just makes me upset

Q: You seem to not hate doing collabs why is it like that?

It keeps me off 4chan. Credit where due, they’ve got a respectable art & gamedev community. But I’m pushing 30 and I feel like I’m too old to still be using 4chan.

Q: Could you please explain why you are credited on submissions from the even more ancient ages when your account wasn't created at that time? I'm confused about this. What's going on? Is it because you're a time-traveling individual?

Hopefully this doesn’t incriminate me, but there was an oldgrounder who found an exploit that allowed you to credit yourself in ancient submissions. And I used to just let anybody credit me in their stuff if they wanted. I believe I got a warning or straight up temporary ban from the audio portal because someone credited me in an inappropriate submission so I had to stop letting randos put me in their credits. Also the oldgrounder and the exploit in question are both long gone so don’t ask how to do it.

I am actually a time traveler though; the only caveat is that I can only travel between 1900 and 1999, so my powers can’t really be used to tamper with Newgrounds in any significant way.

Q: What would be your advice for stupid pieces of shit such as myself?

Make art. Make music. Make games. It doesn’t matter if it’s shit. Any work you release that you’re proud of is deserving of praise. Yeah, taking criticism is tantamount to improving as an artist but also don’t be afraid to block that “critic” who only shows up in your notifications to nitpick your work and never create anything of their own.

And also if there are any pale babes with black nail polish, corpse paint, or a Gir or Mimikyu hoodie reading this interview, feel free to DM me. Hot moms get top priority. If you need me I'll be playing Crash Twinsanity for the third time this year lol.




Interview me next time :3

Yes, I will send you questions!

Ey the OG @Chdonga! :D

I remember flashportal.com man, it stayed around so long even after accounts stopped working, just monetizing the content they had... imagine if they'd just have integrated Ruffle and stuck around... apparently there's a clone of it still floating around out there, though not very functional: http://www.gamestudios.com/

Had nightmares of Courage the Cowardly Dog back in the day. XD The episode with the green eggs in particular, eerie stuff...

Foamy gets way too much hate too IMO. :) The classics were gold; some of the new stuff still is not bad... but you're bound to stagnate a bit when you keep going with the same thing for 20+ years like illwill's been doing. I don't applaud all of his decisions (like removing all his old content here earlier - dang traitor) but respect the grind.

Oh but shitposting IS an art Chdonga! XD Seriously though the amount of effort some NGers put into their shitposts back in the day is impressive. Thinking of people like funkBRS and tox in particular. IMHO the artform just isn't there anymore. If anything what remained before General closed was a watered-down form of it; shitposts for folks with short attention spans and little interest in the rich and diverse history shitposting actually did exhibit before, who oftentimes seemed to mistake being edgy or careless for being entertaining... though I do still miss General.

Oh yeah that Duck Division hack, I'd forgotten about that... I got credited on some old submissions too back in teh day. :) Easier alternative: just know someone with older submissions who would like to credit you on something that predates your account. If that actually isn't possible any longer it was back in the day.

Clockmon comma nice!

You're versatile, quickwitted and have a way with words good dude, and good memory, this was fun to read.