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tox - QA

Posted by Aalasteir - April 21st, 2024

@tox - @Aalasteir (Q) - Index

Q: How did you randomly stumbled across NG? What are your experiences with the Internet and have they all been negative?

I came across Newgrounds thanks to old friends of mine back in grade 4/5, some 24 years ago, I did not have an account back then and later made one in 2007, we went to a science school and were all a part of an animation class, both friends were showing me their high scores in games that were featured on sites like Candystand, Kongregate and Addictinggames and then we would re-creating types of games/features/buttons/animations found in those games and uploading the projects to Newgrounds because Newgrounds was the cool underground website at the time

We all wanted to be the hack-zor "I'm in" edge kids back then

We succeeded a lot :p

My experience with the internet has been generally positive, It is a wide wide world out there and there are so many things that you can learn from the internet

I am in the process of getting into cyber security programs/analysis because I follow a few people and am learning how to do emissions deletes on transport trucks. These are a few of the people that I like to put forward as educators




Q: What is the origin of your name: tox

tox is a shortened name of an old name of mine that was toxiclife, which was changed from quagmire690 (long long ago)

Q: How did you decide on being a part of the The Elite Guard Barracks?

Being a part of the EGB is a way for me to give back to the community that I found so long ago, a community that got me through many of my teen years, and shaped me into the person that I am today, my post count in the 14k range is a log from the old General board and so...so...many spam posts. The people that I met on General, the number of times that I butted my head against someone or something molded me into a centered individual. My roll in the EGB allows me to be around other individuals that share similar goals of giving back and protecting Newgrounds for the future people that are learning the same things and traits that I learned.

Q: What do you think about the moderators are they nice and awesome?

Buncha beer swirling hosers and toonie toons if ya ask me!

In reality, many of them are friends of mine, many of them hold qualities that I like, many of them are my life educators for being a father even if they don't know it.

Much the same way that I learned from the older users when I was younger, I am learning from older Mods (people) now that I am older myself

@Big-Boss @Brokendeck @Pingu @TurkeyOnAStick @Exedor @gamejunkie @Asandir

@ADR3-N @guthrie @SourCherryJack @TomFulp

Thanks to all of you, I am growing

Thank you

Q: What makes you angry?

People who ask too many questions, or too few

There is a rebuff that I heard recently

Person 1: Can I ask a dumb question?

Person 2: Like only you can.

I like people who are inquisitive about the world around them, they are the people who have that spark of discovery in their head and usually with only a little push they take a small idea and flush out the area around it before asking further questions

Alternatively, there are people who ask for step 1, then step 2, and you have to guide them along the path of discovery sometimes endlessly until the point that they seem satisfied with the shell of an idea or they allow their own self-doubts to stop following a path

Q: How do you decide on favoriteing a submission?

There are people out there who look at the cards that life has dealt them and then start throwing those cards in ways I would have never expected,

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/snuffles/weird-dog @snuffles who in their day to day turns up to their computer and says to themselves "I want to make a fluffy looking creature who uses abstract imagery/letters/symbols to create a piece of art

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/danitheprofaner/aerials @DaniTheProfaner, who wakes up and says to themselves that I want to paint with more black than color and see where it leads me

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/922718 @CrownePrince who sets out on a month-long journey with the idea "I like foxes, people who also like foxes would have them interact in this sort of way"

These are the people that look at the cards in their hands and say to themselves "I ain't got much, but I have enough to make someone else OR MYSELF happy" and then just roll with it

Q: What is your advice for new users?


Grow randomly

The adults above you are specialized into a given field and making the best of that situation that they find themselves in

There is no set path for you, there is no right path for anyone

Follow dreams

I have 3 friends,

1 lives on roughly $10k a year and comes up with some of the most out of this world ideas for day to day life that challenge anything that I thought was right about what normal life is, he is a talented cook, he is a welder, he is a stock trader, he runs small form factor e-coin farms and is entirely capable of making well over 150k a year but he said that a life of making $10k a year is enough to sustain himself and have an acceptable existence, he is richer then I am and I make closer to 90k a year

2 an old boyfriend of mine, he traveled the world and performed inside of Cirque Du Soul types of performances, theatres and other performing arts gigs, he decided that people were more important to himself and learned 5 languages, he is moving into a security job with the UN soon as an interpreter so that he can interpret for our world leaders

3 an old boss of mine he learned the ways of law enforcement by pulling people over in small towns and then got into wearhousing and safety courses, he recently started with the Government of BC Canada as a safety inspector finding companies that hire foreign or underage workers and put them into jobs where why get abused or used as generally expendable labour and puts a stop to that, he has stopped hundreds of people being put into positions where they could be unfairly treated and gives them the ability to live their own lives. The kinds of lives that they envisioned when they left the life they had behind and came to Canada

grow randomly, you can't predict where you end will up




great read! and thank you sm for the mention ^^